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Experts warn about possible violence in Chisinau on May 9

Acts of violence may take place in central Chisinau on May 9 and the authorities must be ready to cope with the situation, said experts invited to the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, quoted by IPN.

Political analyst Anatol Taranu said the left-wing parties are involved in disseminating provoking propaganda, while the population is misled that the day of May 9 is a national holiday. In reality, it is a day when the Moldovans passed from a totalitarian occupation regime to a harsher regime. “For example, the Ribbon of Saint George became a symbol of the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The distribution of this ribbon in Chisinau means making common cause with the separatists,” he stated.

According to Anatol Taranu, in Moldova there are many provocative forces supported by the Kremlin, which will try to distort the situation on May 9 so as to satisfy Moscow and Tiraspol.

Lawyer Roman Mihaies anticipated clashes between the participants in the events.

The participants in the program leveled harsh criticism at the authorities for the poor equipment of the National Army, compared with the Transnistrian one, which is much better outfitted. Colonel in reserve Valeriu Cerba said the National Army must have at least 30 tanks and 30 helicopters in order to cope with an intervention on the part of Tiraspol.