28 january

Romanian gas will reach Moldova in spring, statement

End-users in Moldova will start to be supplied with Romanian gas at the beginning of spring. Two more stages of work and about €100 million are needed for ensuring all the Moldovan consumers with gas from Romania, Romanian Ambassador in Chisinau Marius Lazurca said in the program “In depth” on Pro TV channel, IPN reports.

Marius Lazurca said the gas pipeline from Iasi reached the Prut, where river crossing works will be performed during several weeks. The first quantities of gas under pressure will be supplied to the residents of Ungheni district. When the Romanian gas reaches Moldova, it will form part of the national network. However, in order to become fully functional and to reduce Moldova’s dependence on Russian gas, the pipeline must be extended by a gas main from Ungheni to Chisinau. The works include two more stages.

Within the third stage, there will be built a compressor station, possibly in Iasi. It will enable to supply a sufficient quantity of gas for internal consumption in Moldova.

Romania is ready to cover the costs of extending the gas network on Moldova’s territory. The project can be financed by the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the European Investment Bank. The United States also expressed readiness to invest in Moldova’s thermoelectric system.