24 june

Vladimir Hotineanu: There is only poverty and regression in Eastern Europe

Liberal-Democratic lawmaker Vladimir Hotineanu said that he will definitely vote for the ratification of the Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union. This accord is important for Moldova because Western Europe lays emphasis on the development of the social dimension, while in Eastern Europe there is only poverty and regression.

“I have two hands and two legs and I would vote with all the four if it was possible,” Vladimir Hotineanu told IPN within a survey carried out by the Agency among lawmakers.

According to him, the Association Agreement with the EU is beneficial to Moldova. “During the five years of government by the democratic coalition, we convinced ourselves that the country made progress and went out of poverty only in this period. Investment projects and more workplaces appeared. The salaries of teachers were raised and the pays of doctors will also be raised from July 1,” stated Vladimir Hotineanu.

Moldova will sign the Association Agreement with the European Union in Brussels on June 27. A minimum of 51 votes are needed for the accord to be ratified by Moldova’s Parliament.