27 january

Police officers will remain in Bender until JCC fulfils its duties

The police and prosecution bodies controlled by the Moldovan constitutional authorities will remain in Bender until the Joint Control Commission (JCC) fulfills its duties. This is how the head of the General Police Inspectorate Ion Bodrug answered when asked by IPN to comment on the ultimatum imposed by the Transnistrian security services that demanded withdrawing the police bodies and the local office of the state-run company “Registru”, which issues identification papers to Moldovan citizens, from Bender.

Ion Bodrug, who is a member of the Joint Control Commission, said that the statements made by the so-called Transnistrian KGB are provocative and are aimed at destabilizing the situation in Transnistria. Under the agreement on the peaceful resolution of the armed conflict in Moldova’s Transnistrian region of 1992, Bender is a district with increased security regime where the JCC works. Based on this accord, there was created the Joint Investigation Group between the police (100 employees) and the Transnistrian militia (100 employees).

“As long as the Joint Control Commission and the peacekeeping forces work, the Joint Investigation Group between the police and the militia will continue to exist in the district with increased security regime,” stated Ion Bodrug.

On January 22, the Transnistrian KGB asked withdrawing the police commissariat and other institutions controlled by Chisinau from Bender within a month.