13 january

U-18 football team ranks last but one at competition in memory of Valentin Granatkin

The national Under 18 football team of Moldova beat the similar squad of Latvia 1-0 in a match for the 15th and 16th places on January 11. The goal was scored by Sheriff striker Artiom Zabun in the 24th minute, IPN reports.

“For me, the relations in the game were more important than the final score. Now I know the players much better. We will learn from the mistakes made in this tournament,” U-18 Moldova manager Ghenadie Pusca told a news conference.

At the competition in Sankt-Petersburg, the tricolors played another four matches, scoring a draw and three defeats. The goals for Moldova were scored by Cristian Cucovei and Valeriu Macritski.

In the final set for January 12, Russia meets Japan. The 26th tournament in memory of Valentin Granatkin involved 16 national teams from Europe and Asia.