24 june

Moldova's accession to EU in region's interests - Iurie Leanca

Moldova’s accession to the European Union is in the interests of not only citizens of the republic but also in the interests of this whole region of Europe, believes Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca.

This past weekend, he met in the Danube River delta with his colleagues from Romania, Serbia, Georgia, Slovakia and Czechia and stated that the signing, on June 27, of the Association Agreement with the European Union will open a possibility to modernize Moldova, its society, politics and economy.

Leanca voiced hope that Moldova will be admitted to the European Union in 2019, when Romania will be chairing in the European Parliament.

“We are moving forward. Moldova is becoming a more stable and more prosperous state, and its policy is getting more predictable. Our western and eastern partners will only benefit from our signing the Association Agreement, which is not aimed against anybody but aimed for the benefit of Moldova citizens and of the whole region”, Leanca stated confidently.

The Moldovan premier pointed out that the Communists and Socialists are against the country’s association with the European Union. He thinks that by using all sorts of speculations and manipulations, they are forming a wrong picture of what the document signature really means.

As for regional problems, Iurie Leanca reminded that the document’s essential-most component – the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) – may cause certain difficulties with the zone of free trade within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

“However, we know, and are trying to persuade our Eastern partners, that the two agreements do not contradict one another because both of them have been prepared on the basis of the World Trade Organization principles”, said Leanca.

He told his foreign colleagues that Moldova has held two rounds of consultations on the issue with Russian partners and that Chisinau stands ready to dialog with the rest two member countries of the Customs Union – Kazakhstan and Belarus.