25 august

Independence Day celebrations to promote authenticity and traditions

A parade of traditional garment will be staged in Chisinau to mark Independence Day on August 27. Culture Minister Monica Babuc told a news conference today the event will bring together 30 choreographic companies from various parts of the country. After marching through the Great National Assembly Square, they will engage in a traditional round-dancehora, in a display meant to symbolize national unity, IPN reports.

The celebration program will start at 9:00AM with flower-laying ceremonies at the monument to the medieval prince Stephen the Great and at the Eternity Memorial.

Beginning at 10:30AM, gifted children from the Artico Center will perform in a musical and literary show. It will be followed, between 12:30-1:30PM, by a concert featuring the Army’s Orchestra Doina and the National College of Choreography.

The folk costumes parade will be held from 1:00 to 4.00PM. Its participants will seek to showcase the authenticity of the Moldovan traditional garment.

Minister Babuc said the leadership of the country was invited to participate in the celebrations. President Nicolae Timofti, Parliament Speaker Igor Corman and Prime Minister Iurie Leanca will be there to deliver congratulatory speeches.

The celebrations will continue with performances by the Lautarii Orchestra, Joc Ensemble and Brio Sonores Choir, followed by a concert of pop music and a fireworks show.

The celebrations will culminate with a concert featuring Cristofor Aldea Teodorovici and his band, who will perform popular songs composed by Ion Aldea Teodorovici and Petre Teodorovici.