26 june

Chapel of Central Cemetery in Chisinau restored

The chapel of the Central Cemetery located on Armeneasca St in Chisinau has been restored. This is the only mortuary chapel in Chisinau, which was closed in 1982. The restoration works cost about 50,000 lei. The money was allocated by the municipal Funeral Services Company.

The company’s director Ludmila Botan has told IPN that the chapel dates from 1947. It is a cultural facility with specific elements, such as arches, frescos and doors sculpted in wood. The Celtic cross is a defining spiritual element that is typical of many religions and that allows the people of all denominations to come here. The restoration works were performed including at the request of persons who said that they do not have where to lay the coffin to say goodbye to the deceased relatives before burying them.

The company’s vice director Elena Munteanu said the chapel is an ambient place where the relatives can bid farewell to their close persons who passed away. There is a large fresco inside, representing Jesus Christ. The doors showing scenes of the Resurrection of Saint Lazarus were also restored.

The chapel has an icon made in mosaic that represents the God’s Mother. Inside there is a platform for laying the coffin, a table and other accessories needed in funerals.