08 may

Civil society demands minimum female representation electoral quota

A number of NGOs say they are preparing to take action if Parliament does not adopt a bill to introduce a minimum 40% women’s representation electoral quota. The representatives of civil society avoided saying what actions they plan, underlining they still hope that the MPs will fulfill their promises.

In a news conference at IPN, executive director of the Women’s Political Club 50/50 Ecaterina Mardarovici said there are numerous examples in the developed countries, showing that the introduction of quotas on the women’s and men’s representation in the Government and Parliament contributes to the improvement of the social and economic situation.

“We intend to take certain actions, including in the election campaign. We still hope that Parliament will adopt the gender representation quota. The NGOs’ duty is to provide arguments and information and we did it,” stated Ecaterina Mardarovici.

She added that depending on the Parliament’s decision, the representatives of civil society will act as voters and as players who have a say in society. “We enjoy certain confidence,” stated Mardarovici.

Director of the Center “Casa Marioarei” Elena Burca said that one of the actions may be throwing of massive supporter to the party that will have the required number of women in its electoral lists.

The NGOs called on the Government, Parliament and the leaders of the ruling political parties to include the draft law on the minimum 40% quota of women and men in the electoral lists of candidates in the agendas of the executive and the legislature. A relevant bill should be adopted by the end of May.