19 september


MP Corina Fusu, the First Deputy Chairperson of the Liberal Party, thinks that the decision concerning which development vector Moldova should choose will be taken fairly soon – at the November 30 parliamentary elections.

On Thursday, Fusu took part in the roundtable conference “Ethnic and Language Question in Moldova in the Light of the Association Agreement”, organized in Chisinau by the American Institute in Ukraine (AIU) within the framework of the “AIU: Eastern Partnership Initiative” program.

“The incumbent Moldovan authorities have signed the Association Agreement with the European Union. They had full right for that because they received the Moldovan people’s mandate at the November 2010 elections. The next ordinary parliamentary election will take place next November 30, and each citizen will be free to elect a party he likes the most”, said the LP deputy.

She underscored that many Moldovan political parties are freely advertising the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

“But this is a project that does not exist yet! Nevertheless, it is being advocated even by those politicians whose children are receiving higher education in European Union countries, who prefer to spend vacations and to go shopping there – because the European Union means order, rule of the law and observance of citizens’ interests. We should be constantly explaining our citizens what the European Union and the Customs Union are. The Netherlands, for instance, spent 6 million euros over one year to explain to citizens the advantages of the European Union”, said Corina Fusu.

Touching on the Moldovan society split over the language issue, she reminded that the country has adopted the Law on the Functioning of Languages in the Republic of Moldova, which guarantees the free using of all languages, including national minorities’ languages.

“As for the name of the official language in Moldova – this is the Romanian language. There is a decision taken to this regard by the Constitutional Court on December 5, 2013. We all must respect state institutions if we really want to live in a law-governed state. Those who respect the nation must learn its language – the conductor of the essence and spirit of every people. One who doesn’t speak the language can’t understand the people”, stressed the parliamentarian.

Corina Fusu stated also that she is not particularly upset about “citizens’ self-identification” [Moldovans or Romanians?] or about the current official name of the state language [which is “Moldovan”, as is written in the Constitution] “because for decades on end the residents of Moldova had been subjected to de-nationalization and manipulations”.