30 july

Referendum on joining EU is not necessary, opinion

A referendum on Moldova joining the European Union is not absolutely necessary and leaves room for discussion, Constitutional Court judge Victor Popa said in the program “Place for dialogue” on Radio Moldova station, IPN reports.

According to the judge, in the 2010 legislative elections, the parties of the pro-European coalition presented electoral platforms envisioning the country’s integration into the EU and the people voted for these parties, including for their electoral platforms.

“If the electors vote for the pro-European parties in the parliamentary elections of this November, they automatically vote for the European integration. It would be funny to speak about referendum after such a vote. The voters are the main referees who decide the country’s future course,“ stated Victor Popa.

Referring to the Association Agreement with the EU, the Constitutional Court judger said the provisions of this document must be fulfilled as the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova requires obeying all the international agreements to which the country is a party.