29 april

Medical workwrs' salaries to increase by 21% begining with July 1

The salary of medical workers will increase by 21% and the tariff rate – from 825 to 1000 lei beginning with July 1, announced Prime Minister Iurie Leanca at the Thursday meeting with Minister of Health Andrei Usatii and Rector of the State University of Medicine, Ion Ababii.

According to the Government press service, the problem of medical workers deficit and the situation with young specialists were discussed at the meeting.

The Prime minister demanded that measures of encouraging young specialists to be taken, in particular to be paid the lump sum benefits for doctors and pharmacists, who decided to work in the countryside, monthly compensations for the housing rent or providing them by local authorities the free housing.

Also he demanded from the University of Medicine administration to oblige the students, who studied on budgetary places, to work in public sanitary and health facilities for a definite time after the graduation.

In the Premier’s opinion, the university graduates, including the resident doctors, should be equally distributed for employment in all country hospitals.

Leanca ordered the Ministry of Health that the resident doctors to receive monthly both the salary and the stipend, regardless of the institution they work.

The Minister of health mentioned that the system of primary health care provides working conditions for 400 family doctors.

According to his words, there are 47.5 thousand medical workers in Moldova, while the personnel shortage accounts 1.5 thousand people.