11 march

Fuel prices go up because authorities are indifferent, PPRM

The rise in the prices of fuels, especially diesel fuel, right before the start of the spring agricultural works is a proof of the government’s indifference to the county’s agriculture, said the co-chairman of the People’s Party of the Republic of Moldova ((PPRM) Valeriu Cosarciuc, quoted by IPN.

The politician told a news conference that the increase in fuel prices points to the government’s involvement in a well-orchestrated process of destroying villages and of transforming Moldova into a country that is exporting labor force.

The leader of the PPRM warned the MPs that the agricultural entities must be allowed to import oil products directly, without intermediaries. “Though this request was formulated for several times, no answer has been yet given. Meanwhile, the prices go up and the farmers sustain serious blows. This situation makes us think that the rulers profit from the rise in fuel prices,” said Valeriu Cosarciuc.

The party requested amending the Law on Oil Products Market so as to eliminate the obstacles to entering the market and to combat the illegal price formation practices. The PPRM suggested excluding the condition of having own capital of 8 million lei imposed on farmers who want to get a license for importing fuel.