18 july

Wheat harvest larger than last year

The wheat harvest this year is bigger than last year. The chairman of the Association of Grain Producers Nicanor Buzovoi has told IPN that the harvest is greater and the quality of wheat is better. According to representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, about 3.3 tonnes of wheat will be collected from one hectare.

Nicanor Buzovoi said the rain prevents the reaping of wheat and the producers hope it will stop soon. In some areas, the high level of mousier already affects the grain.

Over 300,000 hectares have been sowed with wheat this year. The wheat yield is projected to total over 1 million tonnes. Last year the harvest reached the highest level in the last few years – 1 million tonnes. Productivity was about 3 tonnes per hectare. One kilogram of wheat last year was sold for up to 2.20 lei.

The corn harvest will be about 3.5 tonnes per hectare, as against 4 tonnes last year. Nicanor Buzovoi said the farmers who sowed the corn earlier will have a better yield as the corn sowed later was affected by the colder period.