22 january

Icing continues to cause power outages in Moldova

As many as 148 trees, as well as many wires have fallen and have broken in the capital, because of the current icing. Moreover, 127 Moldovan villages from 13 raions have been de-energized over the past 24 hours.

Head of the Green Services Association, Eliferiu Haruta said that the trees and big branches that fell in the capital damaged 16 vehicles in all. Moreover, a woman that was also hit by an iced tree branch has been hospitalized.

“As many as eight teams of specialists – over 50 people in all, are currently engaged in road cleaning works. With the help of special equipment, workers are also cutting the dangerously-hanging tree branches in order to avoid any possible accidents,” he said.

A representative of the Emergency Hospital, Petru Cravet said that as many as 153 people have addressed for help over the past night, of which 50 people have been hospitalized.

According to the Civil Protection and Emergency Service of the Ministry of the Interior, the most difficult situation in terms of power supply is recorded in Anenii Noi, Causeni, Criuleni and Cimislia, where about 10 villages in each sector are facing power outages. Over the past night, as many as 38 teams of electricians have restored the power supply in different populated areas of the country.

“All the national roads are functional. As many as 230 units of special equipment are working there and spreading deicing agents,” said sources in this service.