04 february

The growth rates of the Moldovan economy in 2014 will slow down being affected by a variety of internal and external risks, - Expert-Grup

According to the experts of independent analytical centre, in 2013, economic growth was halfway stipulated by such cyclical factors as favorable conditions for agriculture and “catch up” effect of the economy. However, growth rates this year will be more moderate due to a number of uncertainties. They include deterioration of relations with Russia and restrained investment activity of the companies in connection with pre-election period. In addition, such factors of economic growth-2013 as rich harvest, expansionary monetary policy and depreciation of the national currency will not be relevant; therefore it won’t be possible to reach last year’s economic growth. According to the forecasts of the Ministry of economy, in 2014, GDP growth will make 4%. According to the latest EBRD forecasts, in 2014 growth will make 3.5%, according to WB forecast- 3,8%, respectively. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Moldova’s GDP in January-September 2013 increased by 8% and amounted to 73 billion 312 million leis in nominal terms.