26 may

Hundreds of Romanians in Moldova voted in European Parliament elections

The Romanian citizens in Moldova queued up for hours at the polling places in order to take part in the European Parliament elections. Eight polling places were established on Moldova’s territory, but the people said the number was anyway insufficient, IPN reports.

Four polling places were opened in Chisinau, two in Balti and by one in Cahul and Ungheni. Most of the Romanians voted at the Embassy of Romania and the Romanian Consulate in Chisinau.

The people said they have high hopes of these elections, know well whom they voted for and consider that through the agency of these elections, Moldova will join the EU faster.

The elections to the European Parliament took place between May 22 and May 25. There are 751 seats of MP in the European Parliament. Romania holds 32 of them. The lists of the Romanian parties for the elections included 11 Moldovan candidates.