03 april

Citizens Using Uncertified Wireless Handsets Risk Being Penalized Under Code of Contraventions

The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MTIC) and the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) warns the public that the use of wireless handsets that are uncertified and non-compliant with the requirements of applicable technical regulations is prohibited and punishable under the Code Contraventions no. 218-XVI of 24.10.2008. The use of these devices affects the normal operation of public mobile networks and the quality of mobile services.

The disturbances occur as a result of the use of radio handsets in DECT 6.0 standard by Moldovan citizens – a standard which is banned to be used in Europe. The DECT standard allowed in Europe requires the use of the 1880-1900 MHz spectrum, while the DECT 6.0 standard in North America requires the use of 1920-1930 MHz spectrum. Thus, the DECT 6.0 standard handsets, which emit radio signals in the same frequency band, in which 3G public mobile networks operate in Moldova, cause disturbances in the normal functioning of these networks.

Such handsets are delivered to Moldova from abroad (particularly from the North American countries, where the aforementioned spectrum is legally admitted and used). In Moldova, like in other European countries in, the 1920-1930 MHz spectrum, according to the National Frequency Allocations Table, is assigned to the 3G mobile radio service, therefore the marketing and use of equipment in DECT 6.0 standard is prohibited

In this situation, MTIC and ANRCETI noted that in the recent two months the number of contravention cases conducted, based on facts of prejudicial disturbances in 3G networks, increased significantly. As a result of verifications of referrals from MTIC and mobile operators regarding disturbances, ANRCETI specialists ascertained the breaches and recorded them in seven reports with regards to breaches under Art 251 Code of Contraventions, committed by natural persons. According to the provisions of this Article, the production of prejudicial disturbances for radio reception are sanctioned 20 to 70 conventional units (u. c.) applied to natural persons (400 - 1400 lei), and fines ranging from 40 to 200 u. c. applied to legal persons (800 - 4000 lei), while disturbing the operation of telecommunications equipment and lines is sanctioned 500 u. c. (10 000 lei).

All the seven reports made by ANRCETI were filed to Centru court, Chisinau municipality, three of them are pending, on one report the court issued a decision providing for a fine applied to the contravener.

MTIC and ANRCETI recommend that consumers of electronic communications should not purchase and use radio handsets that are uncertified and non-compliant with the requirements of applicable technical regulations. Consumers can obtain additional information as to this subject by calling ANRCETI “green line” 080080080 (free of charge) and 022 735394 (MTIC-CNFR). click