26 september


Message on the MoldIndConBank official website says that “the discrediting information, which has lately appeared in some media, presents a biased picture and is part of a well-planned information attack, aimed at damaging image of one of the oldest, largest and most stable financial institutions on Moldovan financial market”.

It is also said in the message that “all the transactions, carried out by the bank since its creation, has been done in a strict correspondence with Moldovan legislation and National Bank of Moldova regulations”.

MoldIndConBank confirmed that it “has been and will always be a confident and transparent partner for its clients, while the growth, registered in recent years, is a result of an efficient bank management”.

According to some Russian media, Russian law enforcement are engaged in investigating schemes of almost 700 billion rubles (US$18 billion) withdrawal from the country by using fake court rulings, issued by Moldovan raion courts. Money was transferred from around one hundred accounts of Russian companies to 19 companies, registered in Great Britain, New Zealand, Belize.

Infotag’s dossier: MoldIndConBank is among CIS largest countries in 2014. In the rating, compelled by RIA Rating, it occupies 199th position with assets of US$0.98 billion at the beginning of the year, annual capital growth of 20.6% and 16.8% share of Moldovan banking system.