04 june

Moldovan experts about problems faced by administration of Gagauzia

The Governor of Gagauzia Mihail Formuzal and the chairman of the local legislative body Dmitry Constantinov destabilize the situation in southern Moldova, propagate separatism, appropriate funds and should be thus held accountable in accordance with the law, experts from Chisinau said in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

“Moldova may face a civil war or a scenario similar to that experienced by Ukraine. Ukraine’s example is very conclusive. Two persons - Formuzal and Constantinov - should be isolated in order to avoid a civil war. Legal methods should be used against the two so as to prevent armed confrontations,” said political commentator Roman Mihaes.

Director of the Institute for Political Analysis and Consultancy “Politicon” Anatol Taranu said the Bashkan of Gagauzia Mihail Formuzal is a Russian spy who pursues evil goals and acts in Russia’s interests. Russia, through the agency of Formuzal, aims to form a separatist region in Gagauzia, to which it could join a part of Ukraine’s territory. “Formuzal and Constantinov formed an alliance to protect their own businesses and embezzle funds. Significant financial resources were pumped into Gagauzia by the EU, Russia and Turkey, but it’s now not clear where this money went,” stated Taranu.

Doctor Habilitate of Politology Victor Juc said the problem resides in the elections pending in Gagauzia. Large amounts of money come from Russia to Gagauzia, which are not controlled by the central authorities and which are misused.

The permanent invitee of “Fabrika”, journalist Cristian Tabara criticized harshly the administration of Gagauzia. “Namely under the administration of Formuzal, dangerous processes took place in Gagauzia, including the switchover from autonomy to separatism, misinformation, Russification of the population, change from self-government to authoritarian administration, from cooperation with the central state institutions to blackmail. The Gagauz administration should be held accountable for fraud and for attack on the national security,” he stated.