12 may

Nicolae Timofti: Moldova’s course to EU is irreversibly

Today, May 10, the Moldovans celebrate Europe Day in Chisinau. Speaking before the crowd that gathered in the Great National Assembly Square, President Nicolae Timofti said it is an occasion for confirming the commitment to the European values. The people were also welcomed by Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Pirkka Tapiola and Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca, IPN reports.

The head of state said the course to European integration chosen by Moldova is irreversible. He considers the European values will triumph over Moldovans’ nostalgia for the past.

Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola gave his speech in Romanian, reason for which he was applauded by the crowd. He said that the Moldovans already saw one of the benefits of the rapprochement with the European Union – the visa-free travel in the EU member states. He underlined that the EU will continue to support Moldova in its European integration efforts.

Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca said that Europe means good living conditions for everyone and Moldova has the chance to build a prosperous future. He called on the Moldovans not to miss this chance as joining the European Union is the major goal of Moldova.

Head of Parliament Igor Corman congratulated all the Moldovans, saying the government’s efforts are aimed at Moldova obtaining the status of accession candidate of the EU and at improving the living standards of the Moldovans.

On the occasion of Europe Day, the flags of Moldova and the EU were raised in front of the Government Building and the Parliamnt Building. The ceremony involved the senior administration, ministers and the diplomatic corps.

Premier Iurie Leanca said it is an important day and the hoisting of the flags of Moldova and the EU touched him deeply. “I imagined for a second that we raised the flags on the occasion of Moldova’s entry into the EU. It is an occasion for seeing what projects the EU supports in Moldova and the advantages of joining the EU,” he stated.

This year, the event organized by the EU Delegation to Moldova, the Government and the Chisinau City Hall, involved a record number of embassies – 21. Europe Day will be also marked in Comrat, where a European Town will be opened on May 17. On May 11-16, the Chisinau Movie Theater “Gaudeamus” will be hosting the European Film Festival. Fourteen movies will be shown there. Entrance is free of charge.