24 march

People's party yourth demand lawmakers to observe freedom of speech

The youth organization of the Moldovan People’s Party picketed the Parliament Building on Thursday morning, demanding that the lawmakers must observe the freedom of expression, and chanting “Freedom of media”, “Deputies, don’t forget the free press is not yours”, and the like.

Maxim Braila of the organization stated that until 2009, the incumbent ruling parties were themselves struggling for press freedom, for journalists’ access to all parliament meetings and other events, “but upon winning the power, they have forgotten all this”.

In his words, the society wants to learn from primary sources everything what happens at parliament plenary meetings – in live reports from the session room, not from the television screen installed in an isolated workroom for journalists.

“We understand that, certainly, our deputies are more preoccupied with how to grab higher salaries and housing at a low price. But we will be constantly reminding them that they are people’s deputies elected to the forum first of all to work and to struggle for people’s interests”, said Braila.

The picketers stated they would continue their protesting until lawmakers give journalists the possibility to be present in the session room.