31 july

Two new telephone numbers to appear in moldova for social services

Two new short numbers – 116006 and 116117 – will appear in Moldova for telephone services of social value. This is provided in amendments and annexes to the National Numbering Plan (NNP), adopted by the National Telecommunications and Informatics Regulatory Agency (NARSI).

According to the NARSI, the given numbers are used on the whole territory of the European Union for the same type of services. The short national number 116006 is issued for the service “hot telephone line for victims of crimes”. The given service will allow people to receive psychological assistance in such situations, to get information on their rights and will direct them to the organizations, which can provide help.

The short national number 116117 is issued for the “telephone medical assistance, not classified as emergency”. The calls on this number will be redirected to medical services for solving problems of urgency, but which do not endanger life, in particular, but not exclusively, in weekends or in days of official holidays.

Earlier, the NARSI has issued several more numbers for telephone services of social character.

The NARSI is managing resources of the National Numeration Plan and is issuing them on the basis of the license, on the request, to providers of electronic communications networks and services.