12 march

Buckets instead of garbage bins

Plastic buckets can be seen on a number of Chisinau streets instead of waste bins. Traian Blvd. is one of them.

Contacted by IPN, head of Botanica district Vladimir Guritsenko said he knows about this situation, but it is the Green Areas Association that must take care of the garbage bins.

Head of the Public Amenities Division Petru Gontea said that 1 million lei was allocated from the local budget this year for purchasing waste bins and for installing plates with street names in downtown Chisinau. This sum does not yet cover the costs. About 3 million lei is needed for setting up garbage bins in the places where they are missing and another 3 million lei a year is needed for maintaining them.

A tender contest will be held in May to purchase plates with street names. New waste bins will be bought from the remaining money.