29 august

Number Of Moldovan Border Crossings Fell by 7%

Border police notes the reduction in citizens’ activity and economic agents at the border of Moldova - 6.27 million transitions per six months, which is 7% less than the same period of 2013.

Moldova citizens and its guests have started to move more by aircraft. For six months the number of people, who flew out from Chisinau International airport reached 763 thousand people (+30%).

1741 attempts of illegal crossing of the border were registered, while the number of detainees reached 1882 people (-3%). Invalid documents are the main cause of violations.

The number of people arrested while attempting to smuggle cigarettes increased to 78 (+15%) with a simultaneous increase of almost 40% of the volume of confiscated tobacco products.

The border police finds out that in 2014 with the early use of instrumental methods for example determining the origin of the vehicle, number of attempts to import stolen vehicles into the Republic of Moldova has sharply decreased (by 41%). 58 such units were found, mainly cars of “de luxe model”.