06 august

CEB to help build dwellings for needy Soroca citizens

The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) will provide a credit to Moldova to build housing for the low-income residents of the northern Moldovan town of Soroca.

According to the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, building works will begin in September. The project will have a budget of 2.1 million euros, of which sum 65% will be the above-mentioned CEB credit and the rest 35% will be contributed by the Government of Moldova in the form of providing a land plot, an unfinished construction object, design documentation, and a pecuniary contribution to an amount of 160 thousand euros.

In the would-be 7-story apartment house, dwellings will be provided for 72 families. The house will be built by the local Sarco Service company, which has promised to commission the object in 2015.

As already reported by Infotag, the project of building the so-called ‘social dwellings’ has been under way in Moldova since 2010, to work until 2018. It stipulates the building of apartments in Calarasi, Ungheni, Briceni, Soroca and Chisinau. The CEB will provide a credit totaling 20.4 million euros for this. By 2018, more than 700 apartments will be built for needy Moldovan families.