24 july

Fixed commission charged on cash transfers from Italy, Portugal and Spain

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology announced that from October 6 a fixed commission of €5 will be charged on money transferred through Moldova’s Post Office, on sums lower than €1,000, IPN reports.

“Other operators charge a transfer commission of €38 to €52 on a sum of €1,000. We minimized this charge on cash transfers from Italy, Portugal and Spain through Moldova’s Post Office so that this service becomes accessible to everyone. In Moldova there are 148 post offices and they can provide services to everyone,” ICT Minister Pavel Filip told a news conference.

He said that the three countries were chosen because there is the largest number of Moldovans working there, according to the information provided by the diaspora. To transfer money, the person needs only an identification paper, as the person who receives the money needs.

The service is launched through the Regional Development Program with the support of the Universal Postal Union.