03 february

Education Ministry keeps raising data on pupils and parents for LDPM’s electoral purposes - Liberals

The now oppositional Liberal Party [having 5 MPs in the 101-member Parliament of Moldova] maintains that the Moldovan Ministry of Education continues raising personal data about pupils and their parents, despite the official prohibition made by the National Center for Personal Data Protection (CPDP) to do such things, LP Chairman Mihai Ghimpu stated at a news conference on Friday.

He reminded that yet last December he presented information about the Ministry of Education’s order that school authorities across the republic must raise collect information by using questionnaires for pupils. Ghimpu maintains that the Liberal Democratic Party is going to use the data for falsifying the results of the parliamentary elections due in Moldova at the end of 2014.

“What for does the Ministry need to know the passport identification numbers of pupils’ parents? May be, for using them in case an electronic register of voters is introduced in Moldova before the elections?” wondered the Liberal.

In his words, the Liberal Democratic Party leaders then accused the Liberals of libel. But the Liberals are sure that LDPM Chairman Vlad Filat is extensively using in party interests the administrative resources of the Government [headed by #2 personality in the LDPM, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca].

“Spitting at the CPDP’s prohibition, the LDPM keeps raising the said personal data. The party chiefs live and act on the principle used by Soviet Communist leaders: no matter how citizens vote – the winner is he who counts the ballots. Do such violations bring us closer to Europe and European integration?” questioned Mihai Ghimpu indignantly.

The LP parliamentarian is convinced that the LDPM’s election plans led to dismissal of the previous Minister of Education, Mihai Sleahtitchi, “because that man would have never agreed to such lawlessness, whereas the new LDPM’s appointee, Maia Sandu, has in fact become a minister for the party, not for citizens”.

LP Deputy Chairperson Valeriu Munteanu said that after Maia Sandu had refused to obey to the Center’s order, proceedings were initiated against her according to Article 71 of the Code of Administrative Offences.

Infotag’s dossier: After the Liberals’ previous accusations, the Ministry of Education stood up with refutation of them, and stated that the information-education system contains the identification numbers of pupils only, not their parents, as such data are necessary for issuing education certificates and school graduation diplomas. In addition, full confidentiality of the data is guaranteed, the minister assured.