25 june

Training center for attracting European funds opened in Chisinau

Representatives of the business community and NGOs of Moldova will be able to learn from European specialists how to work out investment projects and to attract European funds. The courses will be taught at the Resource Center for European Project that was founded in Chisinau based on a partnership between the National Institute of Economic Research of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the Center for Business Excellence Mangement Training of Romania, IPN reports.

University lecturer Sorin Bocancea, European funds expert at the Romanian center, said the European funds are allocated not for particular purposes, as the governmental ones, but when projects are proposed. “As in Romania, in Moldova they must encourage a culture of projects. The money comes when one proves that certain investments are justified. We aim to form professionally persons working in the central public administration and the local one, in the business sector and for NGOs, which can access European funds at a certain moment,” said the Romanian expert.

Sorin Bocancea added that emphasis is laid on continuous professional formation. When the course is completed, every graduate will receive by a certificate showing that they are qualified European project managers. More than half of the costs of an investment project are allocated for foreign project experts and it will be useful if this money remains in the country, when there are local managers of European projects.

Director of the National Institute of Economic Research Alexandru Stratan said that when Moldova makes progress on the path to the European Union, the EU’s assistance for Moldova will increase. Moldova does not have enough experts to develop European projects to attract investments.

Eugen Roscovanu, president of the Small Business Association, said the businessmen in Moldova are able to attract investments and have managerial abilities for developing businesses. In Moldova there are businesses developed based on European financing and the businesspeople already benefit from a lot of resources from the EU.

The Resource Center for European Project will provide training courses of 100 hours. A training course costs between €150 and €600. Thirty persons will be trained within one course