01 july

Pavel Filip discusses measures in IT sector with people

Minister of Information and Communication Technology Pavel Filip said that he will not tolerate situations when instructors ask for money from persons taking driving lessons. “Even if such cases continue to exist today, I assure you that the measures we started to take will help remove corrupt and corruptible persons from the system,” Democrat Pavel Filip said, answering a question put to him on the Facebook page “Enter a dialogue with ministers of the PDM”, IPN reports, quoting a communiqué of the party.

According to the communiqué, last week Pavel Filip answered promptly all the questions put to him by persons through the application launched by the PDM on Facebook. He explained that the measures taken to eradicate corruption at driving schools include the exclusion of these schools’ role of intermediaries and the audio and video monitoring of the offices and vehicles used during exams. There was set up a team of 22 inspectors who make unexpected visits on every exam day.

Pavel Filip explained the methods by which those who want to get biometric passports to travel in the EU can avoid crowdedness at passport issuing sections and how the public utilities can be paid over the Internet.

Answering a question put by a student interested in working as a programmer, Pavel Filip said the IT students have many prospects and the salaries in this field are higher than in the banking sector. “The companies in the ICT sector of Moldova need highly qualified specialists. I personally know last-year students who work at different IT companies,” said the Democratic minister.

The Facebook application “Enter a dialogue with ministers of the PDM” was launched with the aim of improving communication between the representatives of the Democratic Party in the Government and the people. Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure Vasile Botnari will answer the questions this week.