15 january

Excluded TV channels return to cable packages

Accent TV, RTR Moldova and Jurnal TV will be back on cable starting Wednesday, morning after their managers succeeded in coming to terms with cable service providers. This was announced by Marian Pocaznoi, the chairman of the broadcasting regulatory body, following a meeting with representatives of cable companies and a manager of a TV channel, IPN reports.

Marian Pocaznoi said the cable companies cited economic reasons for excluding the three channels from the standard lineups or including them in pricier packages, after the channels apparently failed to conclude contracts for 2014.

Earlier this month, the channels Accent TV and RTR Moldova were removed from standard packages by a number of cable companies. On Monday, Jurnal TV announced it was also excluded without notice. This sparked protests outside the building of the regulatory body, as well as condemning statements from media NGOs, international organizations, embassies and political parties.