01 july

Government cannot afford decisions that can endanger European course, experts

The representatives of civil society who launched the Platform “Pro Europe” called upon the government to put into practice the plan of action for implementing the Association Agreement with the EU as soon as possible. They said the authorities cannot afford taking decisions that can endanger the European course because they risk being penalized by the voters in the parliamentary elections of this autumn.

In a news conference at IPN, executive director of the Public Policy Institute Arcadie Barbarosie said the government and society in general is subject to pressure from outside and inside, which is mainly provocative. Risks are faced until the Association Agreement is ratified in Parliament. It is important to start to implement the plan of action that was worked out and approved by the Government.

“It is not much time left until the parliamentary elections of this November. As opinion polls show, the current collation is not fully approved of by its voters. To a great extent, during the five year in power, the government made many mistakes and the government no longer has time and cannot afford making mistakes that would endanger the European course,” stated Arcadie Barbarosie.

Head of the Resource Center “Dialog-Pro” Lilia Snegureac said that the consultations held with civil society on the plan of action for implementing the Association Agreement with the EU go on and the current and future government should not only hear, but also listen to the voice of the people. “Communication is very important as the people have what to say and have practical questions. We, the civil society and the mass media must work in concert to inform the people about the Association Agreement,” she stated.

For her part, secretary general of the NGO Council Antonita Fonari said the European integration is not an ideal. There are things that the Government must do, including to fight corruption and to adjust the national legislation to the European one.

More than 50 nongovernmental organizations, civic platforms and foundations signed a public declaration in support of the European path of Moldova and launched the Civil Society Platform “Pro Europe”, which is open to all those who share the European values and ideals. The representatives of civil society call on Parliament to immediately ratify the Associating Agreement with the EU and to make all the necessary efforts to obtain the status of accession candidate of the EU.