03 june

Students speaking other languages than Romanian take first Baccalaureate exam

More than 4,300 students speaking other languages than Romanian sit the first Baccalaureate exam of the 2014 session today, June 3. The exam in the Romanian language and literature is taken at 68 Baccalaureate centers starting at 9am and lasts for three academic hours, IPN reports.

The envelopes in which the tests are kept sealed up will be taken at the Baccalaureate centers and will be opened at 9am. The center’s head will open the envelope on the side that will be announced by the Assessment and Examination Agency on the radio. If the envelope is opened in a different way than the announced one, the exam in the given institution is nullified.

Only the students, members of the national exams commission, the head of the Baccalaureate center and persons authorized by the district or municipal exams commissions can enter the examination halls. The teachers who are not involved in exams, the parents and the technical personnel are banned access. The students can enter the examination halls only after they present the identity card. They will sit by one in the desk in alphabetical order, according to the lists posted on boards inside the education institutions.

As many as 104 Baccalaureate centers have been set up this year. The exam papers will be graded in two national centers. The results will be posted in the Baccalaureate centers after the exams, on June 27. The students will have 48 hours at their disposal to challenge the grades.

Head of the Ministry of Education’s press service Violina Lavric said that during the exams the students will be monitored through surveillance cameras. If a candidate is suspected of copying, they will be told to show all the things they have on them. If they do not comply, they will be examined with a metal detector.