28 august

After 23 years of independence, artists do not feel promised freedom

Young folk music singer Stela Botez said that after 23 years of independence, the Moldovan artists do not yet feel the promised freedom. “There are yet people who shut us up,” the singer said in an interview with IPN.

According to Stela Botez, in Moldova they promote values as well as kitsch. “There are also competent people who can differentiate between these. But a lot depends on the influence exerted by the builders of culture on the promotion,” she stated.

Stela Botez believes that there are few specialists in the institutions of culture who would distinguish between value and non-value. “I think time is yet needed so that we better know the authentic folklore and the people working in the field of culture should stop promoting the non-value. When an ethnic-folkloric ensemble has songs that have nothing in common with the real traditions in its repertoire, they show that they do not know the authentic folklore,” she said.

On the Independence Day, the singer wished the Moldovans-Romanians-Bessarabians love for what they for and for the people.