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4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1-3

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Dear Guests! We kindly inform You, that the renewal of the Thermal Bath has started on 4th of November 2013. Due to the renovation of the Thermal Bath’s building, the pools on the internal court and also the indoor thermal pools will be out of service until April 2014. Instead, under the total renovation period we provide the possibility for bathing in the Open-air spa (Strand) and in Aqua-Palace indoor spa-complex!

For our guests with a valid Pausal package-treatment card- purchased on a regular price- we offer the unique possibility to enter our 5-star indoor spa-complex, the Aqua-Palace without any extra charge!

In the big hall of the spa you can enjoy the basic spa cure in the indoor pools with different water temperatures (32 C, 36 C, 38 C). Four outdoor pools whith attractional services help visitors to recreate. These outdoor pools are surrounded by spacious corridors.
Downstairs left hand side you can find three consulting rooms and a gym for physiotherapy. Upstairs there are some spacious relaxing and massage rooms and therapy rooms for the guests of neighbouring Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol.
Those with an aversion to natural ways of healing will surely change their opinion if they get treatments in the Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Spa.


The Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Spa interests not only the sick people. In summer times the open air pools are the winners. The 30 hectare land open its gates from 1st of May - to 30th of September. Thousands of visitors refresh theirselves in 13 pools, like billow, bubble bath pool, children's pool and other attraction pools.
In May and in September we have less then 13 pools filled with water, depending on the number of our visitors.
In 2002 the open air bath's infrastructure had been totally increased, because new water rotated and filtered pools had been started to work on European standards. But the great sensation is the mediterranian beach, with its more than 6000 m2 water surface, so it's Middle Europe's biggest pool. The giant pool deepens step by step, and the water is rippling a little. In the middle of it there is a pirate and there's a lighthouse on the sandy beach with palm trees
Our mediterranian beach became the symbol of the open air bath.

Children enjoy the toy objects placed in polls: hippos, seals and turtles.
Several catering units and restaurants with Hungarian and European gastronimie offer their unique selection to our guests.


Keeping in view the pleasure of family recreation in the water, in 2000 theHungarospa Hajdúszoboszló constructed the first slide paradise in Hungary at its spa.
Starting from the 12 metres high starting tower, the lovers of great splashing can choose from nine different tracks. Here there are, a four track giant, two kinds of kamikaze, giant spiral slide, "black hole" and "mad river". In these latter, "we may only travel" with extra life belts.
The tiny children can be dazzled by the babbling spouts of the seaside world, the life like elephants in the pool, the two children's slides, together with the wooden playground!
The slide park can be found in the one hectare territory in the rear section of the spa, and those enjoying this can obtain extra entrance tickets.

Cause of the small capacity of the Aquapark, in 2002 the area had been expanded duble- width. It has 3 new slides ( Niagara, big hole, twister), so the whole lenghts of the slides are more than 1 kms.
If you want to relax a little, you can do it in the lazy river or in 3 new pools (for adults, children and babies). In the baby pool water castle entertains the little ones.


The Aqua-Palace water palace with 15.000m2 is available to all family members form the oldest to the youngest with an exceptionally wide selection of services and unique ambient in Europe’s largest bathing and water resort complex. The water palace is directly connected with the Hajduszoboszló therapeutic bath, strand and Aquapark.

8 of the Aqua-Palace’s 20 pools are located on the swimming-pool universe at the ground floor. The exclusive adventure pools evoke different eras and different sites. Each pool enchants the bathing public with its unique sights.

- ice cave bathing pool
- cinema bathing pool
- Páva thermal bathing pool
- tropical bathing pool
- Ganges bathing pool
- Roman bathing pool
- sea bathing pool
- cave bathing pool

Different experiences enrich the bathing in the pools: water jet massages, punch massages, springs, drift streams, bubble beds, whirlpools, etc.
Family and giant slides are available to those, who love active adventures in water.
The investment in a value of 4.8 milliard HUF will be implemented by Hungarospa Zrt. with an EU support of 2.25 milliard.


The development of town Hajdúszoboszló was stimulated by the wonderful medicinal water found 86 years ago by the searching activity of geologist dr. Ferenc Pávai Vajna. During the past eight decades our spa became world famous. With the significant developments of the last years, we have been making serious efforts to raise our facilities on European niveau, we can even give the sick people their joy for life back, futhermore: we can provide unforgottable relaxation for more and more families in our spa and entertaining water centre. We hope that providing quality services on European standards we will be able to receive any nation's visitors, and serve as good example in the society of Hungary's legendary spas.

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